So you want to know a little more about our Halloween Characters?
Very well then, well we have 3 main characters! And here they are!

Hagra, The Witch - Hagra was very young when she took her interest in magic and witchcraft. When her parents noticed that she was practicing such magic, they took it away from her. But the magic always found its way back. When Hagra was
in her teens she ran away from home and found a haunted forest. She wondered into the forest and found a little hut. She approched with caution as she heard a laugh from inside. She peeked into the window only to see a witch standing
over a cauldron. Taking interest, she decided to make herself known. The witch looked at her with disgust and ordered her to enter the house and take off her backpack. As she searched the backpack she reconized some of the witchcraft
books, for they were books she had written. The old witch had made herself quite fond of Hagra and taught Hagra her ways of witchcraft. After years past, The old witch knew her time was coming to and end. So she intructed Hagra to gather
her ashes and spread them over a pumpkin and a tree. As time passed the pumpkin and tree started to grow. Then finally one day as Hagra was walking out of the hut she notice something moaning. She looked down and noticed the tree had
grown eyes and came alive! As she had a conversation with the tree she heard another noise. It was the pumpkin. Knowing that they would grow bigger she knew she had to move them quick. The pumpkin she placed in a near by village. And the
tree she placed at the back of the mountain. After years past she continued to check on the tree and pumpkin and made sure they stayed healthy. It had gone to be 70 years before the pumpkin and tree reached their full size, but Hagra new
her time was coming for she grew very old. So she cast a teleporting spell on her, and her house, and went on her way to spread her knowledge.

Franko, the Pumpkin King - After being planted and watching the years go by Franko started to understand the ways of the land. He knew how things were planned and had to be done in order for preperation for Halloween. But the reason
Halloween was so special to Franko and Bartholomew was because it was the day that "The old Witch" passed. So he took things very seriously and made sure everything was perfect. He then took charge of the village and became head
planner of the event. Every year he shouts his deep voice across the land calling in every zombie, villager, and skeleton to prepare for this event. And every year it was done just right and perfect.

Bartholomew, the Defender - Bartholomew was very kind and knowledgable. Bartholomew believed that Halloween should have been a day of peace and rememberance for "The old Witch". So he started a defense camp deep down in the ground. He
would then train the villagers the defend themselves from the Zombies, and Skeletons. For he did all he could for being in a hidden spot and Franko in the middle of the village. He would hope that one day Hagra would return to the land
to set Franko straight. But Hagra has been missing for weeks. But he knows she will return will people to help restore Halloween back to its original form. But what he doesn't know is that Hagra wants Halloween to be about scaring people and having fun.

Yes, I know it's a long post, but I figured I'd try a different twist to Halloween! Let me know what you think of all of this and if I should do something similar to Christmas. And if you have any questions regarding lore let me know! Happy Halloween from myself and all of the Tekkit³ Staff!