Hello everyone, tonight i got kicked from the server, and ever since then i haven't been able to use several towny commands such as
/town deposit
/town claim (i am the mayor)
/plot claim
and others that i don't remember right now.

I spoke to Treeslapper about it, and we tried several drifferent things like me getting removed from mayor and town and put in there again. Nothing worked.
Then the server restarted, and all was back to normal, i could do all the stuff again. I logged off minecraft for a bit, and when i came back, the problem was back again. At this time there was massive server lag so staff was very busy, i got a bit mad, sorry btw. I suggested that OpO did "/manuaddp viluwu towny.command.town.*"
but coming to think of it, i don't think it has anything to do with groupmanager(or whatever perm plugin you're using), as the error message i get says: "[towny] Command disabled: using permissions" every time i do one of the commands. My experience says that it should say "You are not allowed to do that command" or "You don't have access to that command" if it had anything to do with the permission plugin.

The reason i was kicked was because i used macros to get IC in and out of my bag, so i don't have to click every single item, i didn't think that was considered cheating or hacking, but it was, thought i would tell you, in case it would help you, i told Treeslapper, and he didn't ban me or anything, so i don't expect anyone else will, i just did it so i don't get arthritis in my fingers.

Reply if you need any more info.