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Hello everyone, i suggest that you admins remove the toggle pvp thing, so you're only safe in cities, as i have not killed a single person yet and that is something that makes the game much better and rewarding.
Next idea is to enable all the gem armor abilities, but not the explosion thing as i think it will bypass plot or something, the reason i want this is only morons pay 300 MILLION emc for normal armor, you may be invincible, but what can you use that for if there is no pvp? Hope you get the point, and keep up the good work :)

Keep pvp protection on.
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Take it off.
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As Tekkit Cubed is a PVE server (correct if im wrong there) The toggle PVP command is there so if people want to have a fight and play around with there new gear it also stops people from making false claims of hacking and also claims of unsolicited Pvp, Although its not a bad idea it could still work in some areas such as maybe a pvp zone or an area just designated to pvp use. What you also have to remember is that innocent players will be stolen from and most likely quit because the attacker has stolen there valuables for no apparent reason but this is still an idea to keep in mind :d
The second idea is the gem armor know we all know gem armor is over powered to a very large extent,It can do a number things such as flight water breathing Turning the force of gravity high so you fall quick and also well explode stuff very badly As you have said already the gem armor is very expensive and also dangerous i believe if unbaned im not saying you as an individual would do it but as a server people would exploit it and most probably try to grief as much stuff as possible , Also if you thought about your ideas being combined there would be no point if everyone wore the armor because no one be killed since gem armor is high density defence armor. Both great ideas and would love to see what everyone else thinks. :)
Posted Feb 17, 16
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