For any of our Tekkit³ players who play League of Legends you may know that the coming of "Clubs" has come! Well since we're expanding our community to other games, League of Legends is the first to come! So let me answer a few of your questions :

Q : How do I join this club?
A : You can add one our staff members and they can add you.

Q : What's your in game name?
A : My League of Legends name is 'Treefenris' anyone is welcome to add me regardless of age and rank.

Q : Are there any requirements to join the club?
A : There are not, but having TeamSpeak 3 and a good microphone might be worth while so you can communicate with your team.

Here is a small list of our rules. More will be generated in time.

  1. Please keep all chat to PG. We like to stay as PG as possible.
  2. Be kind to all club members regardless of age.
  3. Any sort of BM (Bad manners) can result in a removing of the club. You are representing our community.

Our current mods in the Club are :
Treefenris - Owner
Falcon1Strike - Mod
RoasterRocher - Mod
Guzzze - Mod

So if you have any questions or would like to be added to the club contact us and we will be more than happy to help you! And if the Club gets big enough we might have an RP give away! So make sure to check the club chat often, and check the LoL³ section in the forums! And good luck on the Fields of Justice.