Since the team here at gaming cube have now expand to multiple games on PC ,how about we as a community help them to expand to console. I came across this idea when looking in the tekkit server chat and general discussion
Since gaming cubed has a lot of talented players surrounding it how about we start a team for different games:
COD (any)
And any other games you guys like
I think it will be a very good idea as it will a chance to improve the well deserved popularity of gaming cubed and also make it well known it the public because of the amount of skilled and talented players we have i was also thinking why stop there lets not call the team gaming cube clan lets call it The Gaming Cubed Club because anyone can join a club and isn't judged.
Tell me what you guys think about this and leave a post below of what console you like to start it on first I hope you guys like the Idea

Thanks for reading :d have a great day!!