Hello People of TekkitCubed!

We've made a new mall with more plots, but with a changed set of rules.
The New mall has a total of 96 Normal plots, as well as 8 plots you can donate for!

The Plots are bigger, but are now also restricted vertically, making each plot 16x16x7. The Donator plots are 20x20x11
At the old mall, there was a restriction, to two plots rented pr person, this has been decreased to only one rent pr. person.

Other than getting a bigger plot, donators also get to be the owner of their mallplot, so they can use the /rg addmember <regionname> <playername> command to trust their friends to their plot, so they aswell can sell stuff at that plot! :)

The New mall's Warp is /warp mall, whereas we've changed the old mall to /warp oldmall
The deadline for moving out of the old mall is 26th january, everything else after this date will be removed.

Have a great day! :d